Why C4Sheep?

We take pride on what we make.

Effective and Reliable

What is C4Sheep?

The C4Sheep Vision

C4Sheep Takes Craftmanship to Heart

Every Project is a puzzle, there are numerous way and approach to it.
Identifying the real problem, resolving it with best match client interest, takes skills, patient and dedication.

While Analysis and Work out the solution is the first step of solving the puzzle,
Project Management and Depolyment are how the puzzle get solved.
Poor execution had ruin many great ideas to this world. Careful planning and Risk Control preparation are essential to any project success.

In C4Sheep, not only we take pride on our artifact,
but also the whole process of orchestrate the change.

Who's our clients?

If YOU are:
  • Take Pride of your work
  • Become part of the change the world need, instead of a cogs in a big machine
  • Like solving puzzle and finding the REAL problems.
And share our Believes:
  • The cake is not a lie
  • The princess is in the next castle
  • Adventure is around the corner
We offer:
  • Space and Challenge that test your skills
  • Room for growth and learning
  • Companion throw the wild crazy world.

Join US !

Take Pride on Your Craft

Send your CV and Application to our HR department at hiring @ c4sheep.com.


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